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Unfortunately, life got ahead of me this summer as I went into a “full steam ahead” mode to get the word out about my book, interspersed with visits from three of my grandchildren.  I apologize for not having kept up with my self-imposed schedule of blog postings about my author endeavors and current addiction medicine related matters. To all of you who have read Addiction on Trial, thank you; and if you posted a review on Amazon, an extra thank you 🙂 

As you can see from my events listings, I will also be doing some traveling over the next few months.  I am looking forward to presenting at the Flight Attendants Drug & Alcohol Conference in Baltimore and at the Union League Club in New York City.  I must admit, the event in New York City is going to be a little extra special, as the Union League Club membership has included fifteen Presidents.  I am honored to be asked to speak about my book and the disease of addiction; and will be returning to the club in December for their annual book fair. The College of the Atlantic has also chosen my book as part of their curriculum for Psychology courses, and I will be visiting the campus this winter to meet with students, who I am certain will keep me on my toes.

Speaking of students, learning about addiction and related diseases need not stop after formal education.  I would like to share with you an article about how the National Basketball Association is educating its players about drugs and to again applaud the dedication and work by Chris Herren.

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer, and I again wish to thank all of you who have been so supportive of my book and my mission to entertain while educating through the back door … or maybe the side door 🙂  I will keep you posted on the progress of the next Shawn Marks Thriller, as I am currently working on the sequel, Lost to Addiction.  Shawn Marks, that egotistical but likable big shot Boston attorney, will definitely have his hands full as he attempts to defend the son of a wealthy shipping magnate. The adventures with Marks will continue as he travels to Europe and to the seedy underground of drug distribution centers in Guadalajara Mexico to solve this murder mystery.  Stay tuned!

Together we are spreading the word and effecting change, albeit one town at a time; maybe even just one person at a time - but changing hearts and minds requires patience and persistence!  I hope you will all consider passing this blog along to others, and I hope my book will continue to convert the "naysayers".  Please let me know your thoughts and also please consider signing up for a group discussion with me about the disease of addiction, spurred by my novel, "Addiction on Trial".  Just go to the Book Clubs tab above.  Thanks and keep up the fight!

The article below was written by Charles Eichacker in the May 2014 Health Quarterly, Ellsworth Maine.  Thank you Charlie !!!

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Ellsworth ME Health Quarterly May 2014 (1)

We are all the same and yet we are all different. The art of medicine, yes – medicine is an art as much as a science – dictates the need for individualization of care. Every person with hypertension has elevated blood pressure and every person with diabetes has high blood sugar, but approaching every patient with the same illness in the same manner results in cookie cutter medical care and ignores the need for individualization of care.

The same may be said of those afflicted with the disease of addiction. We all must keep an open mind regarding the best treatment approach. Having preconceived notions that a twelve step program should work for everyone; or that believing in a higher power is essential; or that suboxone is better than methadone; or that no replacement medication is better than any; or that underlying anxiety should never be treated with medication if the person has a prior history of addiction; or that one type of psychotherapy is best . . . or that every patient with hypertension first must alter their salt intake before starting medication; or that every diabetic will carefully watch their diet; or that . . . or that . . .

You get my point. I commend Mike Tyson, former heavy weight boxing champion, for telling us his story and finding his path to recovery.

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Read about Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) at:  Link for article

“MHPAEA intended to level the playing field by equalizing coverage for mental health and addiction disorders with that provided for other chronic diseases”  Click here to comment